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September 14, 2013



Oh Alice-Anne thank you for sharing this. It's lovely, funny and touching. I think it's wonderful that you still talk about Will! Hugs to you.

Donna Haas

Alice- Anne - thank you so much for your blog. You are so open, honest, brave and loving. And the strength to be so funny too. I love that you talk about Will. I can't imagine not talking about him! See you in 16 days!!


Thank you for sharing this. 21 years ago my son was rushed to the hospital for a spinal tap to see if he had bacterial meningitis. 7 days of sleeping in the hospital with him followed. Thank you for reminding me to always be grateful about how lucky we were. My heart both aches and rejoices for you...an unmendable pain but that dance, those memories, those two wonderful sons. We are each so fortunate.

My first visit to your blog--and it feels like home

Pamela Gyory

I too share this "woman I never wanted to be" status!My beautiful baby girl Aislinn( means beautiful vision or dream)was born October 1st, 1988 and died on Christmas Eve of the same year. All I now for sure, is your/her/his/my energy or essence will never die! On three separate occasions she has come in to my heart and dwelled there with me!Rejoice in his birthday, and his very existence, for you were blessed to have him in your life, even though the time was never long enough! Namaste,


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